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The cockpit table is delivered with 2 shapes

1. Table structure with sliding plates: the buyer decides how to install the table onto the boat—he assembles it with legs or fixes it with some available install technique.
2. Table structure with sliding plates: support install kit (holding plate, supporting arm and hook) “top and holding construction fixed onto the pedestal integrated in it.

If the table is ordered with an integrated install kit then its support top can be assembled onto the pedestal in two ways.

• It can be fixed onto a pipe/tube with the accessory plastic shackles/cuffs in the desired height.
• it can fixed onto the wall simply with screws in the desired height.

Following the installation of the support construction the table can be joined and placed in horizontal position then the hook of the supporting arm can be screwed in the proper position.

The construction does not require any other setting.

The table does not require any extraordinary maintenance and can be cleaned with traditional detergents.

The package includes the assembly manual.

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