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Conditions of use

On carbogale.com website users accepts and submits to the Conditions of use, all relating laws and regulations and keeps the sale provision relating to Internet use, sale and data disclosure. In case you do not agree with the above conditions then the access to this website is not permitted. The textual, photo and gif contents in carbogale.com are copyright. CarboGale Ltd. as owner of carbogale.com may supervise and amend the above conditions of use without preliminary notice at any time.

Use permit

CarboGale Ltd. as owner of carbogale.com allows the users to download, temporarily store and view the text, photo or gif contents in one copy without commercial aim. This contribution does not include the transfer of proprietary rights of downloaded contents, does not include the contribution to modify or copy the downloaded contents, does not include the commercial use of the downloaded contents and does not include the public display of downloaded contents with or without commercial aim. CarboGale Ltd. as owner of carbogale.com forbids attempts to copy, pass on, decode or decrypt any code or software, pass-on to a third party to mirror or store on any server other than the server providing public availability. The permit of use automatically lapses if the user breaches any of the above abridgements.  CarboGale Ltd. may withdraw the permit of use without space and time constraint or any notification or justification.


A contract is entered between the parties when submitting the order according to the sale provision of e-commerce. CarboGale Ltd. as seller declares that this contract is not regarded as written agreement so the Ltd will not store the contract in print and will not provide access to it at a later time. The purchase shall be verified with the invoice in case of dispute.
The language of contract between the contracting parties is English. The system transacting the order of the website automatically offers the consecutive technical steps required for the contract. The ordering party may interrupt the process at any time until the sending of the order without any commitment. Preceding the sending of the order the website enables the ordering party to check the submitted data or correct the entry errors. The contract is entered when CarboGale Ltd. confirms the order through e-mail and it is received by the ordering party. If the confirmation is not received by the ordering party in 3 days or 72 hours following the submit of order, either CarboGale Ltd or the ordering party acquit the bond of bid.

Confirmation of order

CarboGale Ltd. shall send an email following the arrival of the order in at least 3 days or 72 hours notifying the delivery. If the ordered product is not available on stock or cannot be manufactured within 20 days following the confirmation of order, CarboGale Ltd. reserves the right to waive the contract. CarboGale Ltd informs the ordering party about the waiver in email within 20 days following the confirmation of order. In this case CaroGale Ltd refunds the payment through bank transfer within 8 days.

Right of waiver

Ordering party may waive the entered contract without any justification within 8 work days or as regulated in the relating sale provision. Ordering party can send the declaration of waiver in email to info@carbogale.com or as a post letter to: CarboGale Ltd.,77 HIGH STREET,LITTLEHAMPTON, BN17 5AG

The deadline of waiver starts at the time of delivery/reception. The declaration of waiver shall include the name and accessibility of the ordering party, number of order, ID of ordered product, number of invoice and bank account number where CarboGale Ltd makes the refund. 
CarboGale Ltd will not receive cash on delivery for technical reasons. Refund shall be made following the inspection of refund liability through bank transfer. Ordering party may have the right of waiver in 8 days following reception of good or as regulated in the sale provision. In the case of waiver in postal letter the waiver shall be regarded as validated within deadline if ordering party sends it before the deadline. CarboGale Ltd shall make refund within 30 days following the return of product.
Ordering party shall bear the costs of return of product in the case of waiver. Ordering party shall not bear any other costs. CarboGale Ltd may claim damage of non-intended use of product from ordering party.

Exchange of product and refund

In the case of exchange of product or refund of payment CarboGale Ltd sends an email of confirmation informing ordering party about the incidental duties. Flaws, errors or miscommunication may lead to complaint. CarboGale Ltd proceeds as described above in the case of complaints. CarboGale Ltd inspects each complaint, is observant of buyers’ opinions, replies in the shortest possible time and proceeds in a flexible way with the greatest consideration of buyers’ interests.
Ordering party is entitled to refund if he returns the product in injury-free package in the original box with the original copy of invoice and guarantee letter. CarboGale Ltd makes refund within 30 days following the return of product.


Goods are delivered worldwide by TNT, the international shipping partner of CarboGale Ltd. CarboGale Ltd hands over the products ready to be delivered in carefully wrapped, injury-free packages supervised according to the shipping standards of TNT. CarboGale Ltd sends an email informing ordering party about the fact of hand-over, start of shipping and expected time of delivery; the email includes the individual tracking number of package. From this time on the package can be tracked by entering the tracking number on: www.tnt.com. The calculator of TNT automatically calculates the fee of shipment in knowledge of the address of delivery and the system taking orders of carbogale.com informs ordering party about it. In the case of order exceeding €400/$530 the shipment fee includes an insurance fee of automatically declared value whose fee is 1 percent of the declared value or minimum €5/$6. CarboGale Ltd shall be pertinent for the value of the product and shall compensate ordering party as part of the insurance of declared value if the product is injured or lost emerging from responsibility of UPS. CarboGale Ltd claims that it is not responsible for damage and consequences during shipment. CarboGale Ltd claims that it mediates in package insurance and is not responsible for the service. Details of service are available at: www.tnt.com
Ordering party shall report the damage toward TNT employee following itemized inspection and survey on delivery. In this case TNT directly compensates for the damage. If damage is perceived delayed, ordering party shall an email to TNT or CarboGale within 48 hours following delivery. CarboGale Ltd can settle the damage if the email includes the name and availability of ordering party, number of order, ID of damaged product, number of invoice, tracking number of package, 2 attached digital photos well documenting the damage and the bank account number used for compensation. CarboGale Ltd shall forward the email reporting the damage with the submitted data and attached files to TNT responsible for settling the damage within the shortest possible time and informs ordering party about this fact. TNT shall directly settle the damage for ordering party.

Other conditions

In lack of distinct provision CarboGale Ltd may inform ordering party about the current sales and news. CarboGale Ltd is not responsible for incidental misspellings, faulty data and inaccuracies of the product brochure. Some of the photos displayed at carbogale.com are only illustrations.
The prices displayed on the website are gross prices. The displayed prices are not regarded as direct bids. CarboGale Ltd is not responsible for damage deriving from misspellings or program errors.